Friday, 28 June 2019

2019 Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction

We participated in this year’s Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, organised by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR). Throughout the conference we advocated for a REAL resilience dividend – one based on Rights, 카지노 that Empowers communities, holds everyone Accountable, and Leaves no one behind. Here's a summary of our key achievements during the five-day event in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Stakeholder Forum: GNDR Executive Director, Bijay Kumar, spoke from the floor at the opening of the forum.
  • NGO Prep Meeting: GNDR brought NGOs together to share opportunities for engagement and agree a mutual statement - Watch.
  • GNDR Members Join Stakeholder Roundtables: Grace Molina (CDP, Philippines), joined the panel on Coherence of DRR and Climate Change Adaptation - Watch. On a separate panel Carlos Kaiser (ONG Inclusiva, Chile) pushed for multi-stakeholder approaches to DRR - Watch.
  • Closing of Stakeholder Forum: GNDR Advocacy & Learning Coordinator, Valaria Drigo joined the panel alongside Mami Mizutori (UNDRR) to emphasise how stakeholder capacities can build resilience.

NGOs Major Group Official Statement: GNDR Affiliate Member Sani Ayouba (JVE, Niger) highlighted the key demands from NGOs: Local participation, inclusion, local dis-aggregated data, 바카라 coherence, and risk-informed development.

Government dignitaries support GNDR: Mr Ricardo Toro (ONEMI, Chile) and Mr Magagi Laouan (Ministre de l'Action Humanitaire et de la Gestion des Risques de Catastrophe, Niger) provided exclusive interviews.

Ignite Stage: GNDR joined Partners for Resilience and the Provincial Government of Cebu, Philippines, 인터넷카지노 to discuss real examples of integrated risk management - Watch.
Cities at the Forefront: GNDR Global Board Representative, Farah Kabir spoke as a panellist during a working session on building resilient cities. "When you fall from poor to ultra-poor, resilience is not about bouncing back to being poor, it is about building back better and out of poverty," she said.

The Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction is a biennial multi-stakeholder forum established by 우리카지노 the UN General Assembly to review progress, share knowledge and discuss the latest developments and trends in reducing disaster risk.